Vintage Christmas Cards & Bottlebrush Trees

Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to share some pictures with you that I took of my pretty vintage Christmas cards.  I bought them from my lovely Twitter friend @brookeslay, who is a fellow vintage bauble lover, and seller of the most the most beautiful vintage ware.  I bought some other pretty vintage cards from her too, which I shall with you in the new year.

I was looking for a frame to display the cards on, when I had the idea of pegging them to the front of this little chicken wire cupboard.  When I bought this cupboard, it was orangey pine and had glass in the doors with wooden slats.  I think it even had funny little fabric curtains.  I removed the glass, took a saw to the slats, and replaced with old chicken wire.  Normally I display my tiny vintage teacups, but on this occasion I decided to put fairy lights inside.  It looks so pretty at night, it glows like a little house.

I bought the little bottle brush trees from a funny little model railway shop in the village my parents live.  When we visit, my Dad takes my little boy there to buy him a small car, train or plane.  I found a box of these old trees amongst the piles of stuff (always rummaging!) and came home with these for a couple of pounds.  Once upon a time, they decorated someone’s miniature railway.  I think they add a very Christmassy touch to my little display!

Tamsyn x

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