Vintage Corner in my Bedroom…

Hello Friends

I just wanted to share this corner of my bedroom with you today, as I’m loving the vintage colours all together…the embroidered picture in the gold frame has a sweet story.  Back in September, the children and I went down to my parents so I could attend Jessica Zoob’s open studio (see my post here about that).  On the Sunday morning, before heading back to Norwich, Lola and I went with my Dad to the boot fair at Cranbrook.  This car boot is not like any other, it’s more like a brocante.  It’s only on at certain times every year, and dealers come from across the south east to sell their wares.  I’ve always found such lovely things there!

First of all, we bumped into my friend Sonia from the Old Haberdashery, which is always lovely!

Anyway, I spotted the embroidered picture, and fell in love with it straight away – even with it’s water mark I love it.  It had a price tag of £15, and I didn’t have enough money.  But I went back just before we left, and the tag had gone – I asked the man how much it was, and he said £3!  So I very happily handed over my £3, and I will treasure it forever.

Tamsyn x

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  • Oh Tamsyn, you are THE fairy of abundance! What a beautiful story to mark the beginning of another lovely day.

    • tamsynmorgans

      Ah thank you so much Jana, that’s so lovely of you! Sending fairy sparkles your way!

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