Vintage Floral Fabric

Hello everyone!

It’s so lovely to be back home after a crazy busy few days.  I worked away last week, and Friday consisted of working in Surrey in the morning, and then spending all afternoon travelling back to Norfolk, moving at snails pace in various motorway queues.  I got home at 6pm, the children were dropped off with me, and we spent the next twenty minutes packing and throwing things in the car so we could go camping up on the coast.  By 8pm I had pitched our tent, and was enjoying a beer with my friends whilst all the children played.  So much fun!  I feel so lucky that we can just fling a tent and bedding in my little car, and head off to the dunes.

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted this utterly divine fabric panel on Pinterest, and had to have it.  Two weeks later I had it in my hands – isn’t technology amazing?  I purchased it from The Linen Garden, a site full of beautiful vintage floral goods.  I’m in love with the colours in this fabric, and I’m not yet sure where I’m going to display it.  I think it deserves to be treated like a piece of art, so I might either frame it, or mount it on a canvas.  I do really like it in this little space in the craft room, so it might be the perfect spot!

Have a wonderful day.

Tamsyn x




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