Vintage Floral Pictures

Hello everyone!

It appears that I have surplus of beautiful vintage floral prints and pictures at the moment.  When I went to shoot with Janice Issitt last week, she kindly gave me this incredible print (the large one with the white frame) and I was absolutely over the moon.  It’s just divine!  I think I’m going to hang a new gallery above my sofa in the sitting room, and this will be the central picture.  I love the subtle mix of styles and they will look delightfully eclectic together I think.

On another note, I watched Absolutely Fashion on catch up last night.  Oh my goodness, it is brilliant TV – there are few television programs that have me glued to the screen, but this had me transfixed.  It’s a documentary behind the scenes at British Vogue.  If you are interested in the creative process behind Vogue, incredible fashion and strong, inspiring women, then watch it whilst it’s still on iPlayer, it’s fascinating!

Tamsyn x

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  • JeRée

    Where do you get your vintage floral prints?

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