Vintage Lamp Shades

Hello all, I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

I thought I’d share some pictures with you of my growing collection of vintage lampshades.  I added the pair in the top two pictures to my collection on Sunday morning from a car boot fair, I almost sprinted across the field when I saw them!  They are pretty unfashionable at the moment, although I have noticed vintage and antique shops starting to charge ridiculous amounts of money for them.  I think they are absolutely beautiful, frou frou yet elegant, with their pleated chiffon and tassels – they remind me of 1950’s prom dresses.

I found plenty more wonderful car boot treasure which I will photograph this week to share with you!

Tamsyn x

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  • Judy Walker

    Hi Tamsyn,

    I am searching for one of these pink, Victorian era lamp shades. I have a lot of sage, earthy colors in my home, and a splash of Victorian pink would fit well.

    Are you selling any of your shades, if not, is there a name for that colour? I say, ‘Victorian hot pink’, but I’m probably way off.

    I like the bit about you springting across the field to get them. I’m like that. Eye for detail.

    Kind regards,


  • Lisa Spano

    Hi Tamsyn,
    I’m looking for a couple of vintage fabric lampshades…preferably in pink, red, teal or green…
    I have a floor lamp and a couple of table lamps that I’d like to furnish…

    Many thanks,

    Lisa Spano x

  • Martha Blanco

    I love this lampshade are they for sale
    Would love to buy..

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