Delicious Blooms!

Hello everyone!

So if you follow me on Instagram, then you may well have already heard this little tale of joy, for which I apologise.  But it’s a nice little story, so it’s worth telling again!

On Friday morning I had to buy some flowers, for some content I was shooting for a brand.  I dropped the children off at school before heading to the market (I may have slipped into a coffee shop en route as a little treat!).  I had one of those big French baskets with me that seemed to be all over social media last summer. I had this romantic idea that I would fill it with flowers, and carry it elegantly home looking very Parisienne and chic!

So I bought the flowers, I spent a small fortune but when a girl needs blooms, she needs blooms!  I put them in the basket, and it wouldn’t balance, they all kept nearly falling out.  So I had to carry this huge basket in front of me with my arms round it.  I had to peek out from behind the flowers to see where I was going, it was not elegant in any way!  Then it started raining, so I started the long walk home across the city.

And suddenly, with me carrying this huge basket of divine blooms, people started to look at me.  I mean, on a grey, wet February morning in any city, people are just hurrying by to get to where they want to go aren’t they?  But these flowers made people’s faces light up.  People said ‘Hello!’, and ‘Good morning!’, and ‘Beautiful flowers!’.  They are indeed one of life’s simple pleasures, and often a luxury, but it really is true that flowers make people happy.

So of course, these are the blooms in question.  The studio smells divine, and I have taken lots of photos to make the most of them.

Tomorrow I am styling gin cocktails for a local artisan company, on a shoot with the photographer I do lots of work with, and I think it’s going to be a brilliant day!  I’ve packed up lots of my vintage glassware and I can’t wait to get faffing, and make some beautiful images.

Have a beautiful day/evening!

Tamsyn x


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  • Sally Weare

    I do love this story Tamsyn! You are so right, I know a few times when I have bought flowers myself from our local florist and walked trough town people do smile and make comments about them. They really do have a magic of their own.

    I absolutely love these pictures, the colours and the lighting is just divine. To me they are instantly recognisable as your photographs and styling, which is why I love your work so much, it just makes me smile and my little heart sing!

    Hope you have had a good day styling today. Without sounding like a stuck record do let me know if you decide to run your photography styling course at home.

    Take care, love Sally x

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