Vintage Style Rug

(Rug gifted by Benuta, all views my own.)

 Hello everyone!

For a while now I’ve been looking for a beautiful rug for my bedroom.  As much as I absolutely love my whitewashed floorboards, with the winter months approaching I wanted a rug that not only looks beautiful, but to also avoid that ‘just stepped out of bed onto an iceberg’ scenario, which I had pretty much every day last winter.  My house is very exposed, and my bedroom, with its large bay window, plus another large window, all of which are single pane and in dire need of replacing, is chilly to say the least in the colder months.

So, when the folks at Benuta got in touch and generously said I could pick a rug from their huge website, I was obviously delighted.  They have a vast range of rugs in every shade imaginable.  I decided to go for the Oriental Vintage Flowers rug in taupe, which I thought would fit well in my bedroom.  It has an elegant, slightly faded antique style to it which is right up my street.  Plus it feels lovely underfoot, and I’ve even discovered my daughter sprawled across it with her book in the afternoon sunshine.

The armchair was a car boot find back in the summer – I paid £30 for it and the lady had two of them. Sadly I neither had enough cash nor space in my car for both!  I do love the muted colours in the floral tapestry, and I painted the dark brown wood a soft grey.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – I am heading down to London to see friends.  They have organised something for us to do tomorrow (I don’t know what yet!)  and I suspect cocktails may be involved!

Tamsyn x




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  • Great rug, and I love love all of it!
    Sheila in Denver

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