Vintage Tile Splashback

Vintage tile splash back
  • Vintage tile splash back
  • Vintage tile splash back
Vintage tile splash back
Vintage tile splash back
Vintage tile splash back

Hello everyone!

How are you?  It’s day 13 of our lockdown here in the UK.  (I say lockdown, but I’ve seen lots of folks out and about from my attic window, and even a group of people having a bbq on the grass opposite my house.)  The weather has been glorious, and I’ve managed to get quite a few DIY jobs done which I’m pretty pleased about.  This is the first one!

Vintage tile splashback

So you may remember that I already had a row of 4 vintage tiles above my sink. As I’m obviously having a huge ‘sort though every drawer and cupboard’ scenario, I found some other old tiles that had ever quite found a home.  I always intended to make the splash back two tier, but had just never got round to it.  And now’s the time to get those little jobs done and dusted!

Luckily I also managed to find the tile adhesive in the attic (the previous owners actually left it here!), and the tile grout.  I’ll be honest, I’m someone who loves to cut corners when it comes to DIY jobs, I’m not a perfectionist at all.  These tiles are not straight by any means, but I kind of like that!  I used an old plastic ski pass to slap the adhesive on the back of the tile, then I scored lines into it.  I don’t have any tile spacers, so I used matchsticks to get the gap in-between them.  And actually, the one with the blue flowers is slightly bigger than the others, so I adjusted accordingly.

Once they were all up, I stuffed towels all around the sink and underneath the tiles, just in case they decided they didn’t really fancy being attached to the wall.  A few hours later, I grouted the gaps in-between, and voila!  The mirror sits just below the top line, and ideally I would move it up an inch or so – but the tiling had gone so well, I didn’t want to push it by drilling into masonry today!

Today I have also got things ready to do some wallpapering on the landing.  I will obviously share that with you as soon as I can.  I’ve also given my attic a bit of a mini makeover with some white paint, as Lola and I are using it for sewing and homework.  Again, I’ll share that with you when it’s finished.

Stay safe and well friends.

Tamsyn x

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  • Lyndsay Parsons

    Hi Tamsyn, your vintage tiles as a splash back look stunning!! I am looking to create something similar for my downstairs loo. Please can I ask where you sourced the tiles?
    Thanks Lyndsay

  • Melissa

    What a lovely little project! The quick & dirty ones are always the most satisfying… and, the way the mirror overlaps the tiles just a bit is quite charming. More friendly than with the gap – just in case you need a reason to not move the mirror.

  • Julie

    It looks really beautiful Tamsyn – such gorgeous tiles. I actually like the mirror just sitting slightly over the top tile.

    • Hi Julie, ah thank you so much, so kind – yes I don’t mind that either, the beauty of this house is that nothing needs to be perfect! Tamysn x

  • Susan

    I think it is very pretty! Love the tile!

    • Thank you so much Susan! Tamsyn x

  • Relyn

    Actually, I love the overlap of the mirror and the tiles. I wouldn’t change it. I love the homey-ness of it.

  • Susan Sully

    Love it! You have such amazing style!

  • Diane Paulin

    Love your blog! Just discovered it in the magazine “in her studio”. I live in Ontario, Canada. My work place closed March 16th, as the owner was concerned with our well being. Our government has set up a payment program for unemployed persons since this began. We are truly lucky! Good luck to you and yours, keep safe.

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