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Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well!

On Sunday morning, I got up ridiculously early to go to a car boot fair with my Dad and with Lola.  Three generations off on a hunt for treasure!  We left the house at 6am to go to Eastbourne (south coast), as my Dad very much believes that the early bird catches the worms.  It was worthwhile going early though, as I came home with these gorgeous treasures.  I was especially pleased with the vintage glass ashtrays and bowl which in total cost me less than £6.  I used to collect glass a long time ago, but it was a lot more retro in style, and I gradually sold it off as my tastes changed.  I’m now attracted again to the jewel bright hues, and I might display them en mass long with a few other beautiful pieces of Murano glass I have from my collecting days.

I also love the bolster cushion which came as a pair, and despite me thinking at first that they were vintage, are actually from Ikea!  The old haberdashery flowers will go in one of my prop boxes or on my inspiration board, an the pretty embroidered cloth will go in my fabric stash.  Lola came back with a bag full of books and a nice rucksack which made her very happy!

It suddenly occurred to me the other day, when I posted on Instagram about the car boot fair, that folks across the world won’t know what a car boot fair is, as I think it might be a very British thing – a couple of people asked me is it was like a garage sale.  Essentially, you fill you car up with whatever it is you have to sell.  the fairs are usually organised in fields or car parks.  Everyone pays a small pitch fee and the cars line up in rows, and people sell their wares on trestle tables or wallpaper tables. So it is similar to an outdoor flea market, although of course it’s not just vintage items being sold, it’s anything.  That’s why it makes it even more of a victory when you can find vintage treasure amongst the stalls of toys, unwanted household goods and baby equipment!

Have a wonderful day – today is a bit of a landmark for me, all will be explained tomorrow!

Tamsyn x

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  • Your finds are beautiful Tamsyn, and the bolster is from ikea?? Who would have thought – but then again, it's all in the mix isn't it. I love a mix of old, new, antique, vintage and high street – it's what makes your home personal and unique to you. The glass is gorgeous too – they're actually at the best when looking from above, so great shot! x

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