Vintage Treasure

Hello everyone!

I came home from the car boot fair a few weeks ago with this little candy pastel coloured stash.  It was all bit grubby, but a good wash and launder has left it all looking pretty as a picture.

I am writing this sat in a tent!  After an eventful journey down to Dorset yesterday (including one punctured tyre!), we arrived at our destination yesterday evening.  I have more posts lined up, but we are not hooked up to electricity, so if you don’t hear anymore from me this week it’s because I’m out of power!  We are at the Great Dorset Steam Fair with my parents, and last night the sky was lit up with the incredible fairground.  I am pretty obsessed with anything to do with fairgrounds, and I was so excited to see row upon row of vintage wurlitzers and carousels, cloaked behind large canvas tents with their lights dimmed.  I will be snapping away over the next few days, and really hope to share some snaps with you when I get home.  I will be posting a video clips to my Instagram Story so if you fancy seeing what we are getting up to, then you can follow me here.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x


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