Violas In Vintage Teacups

Hello everyone!

I filled some of my pretty china teacups with sweet violas yesterday, which I love to do every Spring. You can buy packs of violas very cheaply from garden and DIY centres, these were £4 for a pack of nine plugs from B&Q.  I lined my teacups with clingfilm, added a desert spoon scoop of compost, and added some moss around the base for an extra bit of Easter themed prettiness.  This is also my new (but very old!) bedside table, which I’m completely in love with, it was a lucky auction find.  It has a very heavy marble top, and I love the carving in the wood, very French boudoir!

I took lots of pretty Easter themed pictures yesterday which I look forward to sharing with you this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Tamsyn x


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  • Oh these are so sweet and pretty! Love it so much.

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