Waiting for Summer!

Beautiful vintage overmantel mirror with cottage garden flowers
  • Dried flower installation with pink strawflowers
  • A beautiful dried flower mantelpiece installation under a vintage painted mirror
A gorgeous chippy antique mint green dresser with a vase of pink peonies

Hello everyone

I know, I know, it’s been a while!  But I have been spending some time updating the website over the last couple of weeks, and I really wanted to check in, and post something.  I find social media so hectic nowadays, I had forgotten how calm my little corner of the internet is here!

(I’ve named this post ‘Waiting for summer’, because it has been wet and chilly here in the UK as we approach the longest day!)

Perhaps the biggest change here over the last year, is that my darling girl has left home for university.  She left last September, and is having the most wonderful time down in Cornwall, by the sea, studying textile design.  I am beyond happy for her.  And yes, there are moments where I miss her terribly, but this is her time to shine.  It is a privilege to see her tentative steps into adulthood.  My youngest is 16 and will be going into 6th form in September (I can’t believe it!).  I am suddenly very aware that in a couple of years, my role as a mother will shift significantly.

I recently had hip surgery (a total hip replacement at age 48!), and it has really given me time to reflect on what my next steps will be.  I’m feeling that I might have another house adventure inside me.  With no longer needing to be anchored to Norfolk because of the children, I might make a house move in a couple of years.  We shall see!  Money of course will be a huge deciding factor in all of this, but I am yearning for village life.  I wasn’t quite ready for village life when I moved here ten years ago.  I still needed to be able to walk into our city, both for the children and for me socially.  But I now feel like I could do with a change.

Having had to take 6 weeks off work due to my surgery, I am now very keen to get back to work (taking time off as a single freelancer is very scary!).  So please do spread the word, I am available for portrait photography, interior photography, and product photography!  Please do check out some of my recent work here.

Above are some recent snapshots, the top photo is of my gorgeous new (but old!) mirror in the dining room.  I got it at an auction a few months ago, I love these Victorian/Edwardian mahogany over mantle mirrors with the little shelves.  Perfect for styling with flowers, and it will be lovely at Christmas too!  I’m also a little obsessed with these pretty vases, which I am told are Bristol glass.  I have my eyes peeled for more, I love them displayed en masse.

Have a lovely week!


Tamsyn x




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