Welcome June!

Hello everyone!

I bought these roses as a root way back at the beginning of 2014.  I’d just moved into our new home, and I remember buying it very cheaply (a few pounds!) from my local supermarket.  I can remember the root sitting in a bucket of water, and me planting it just after I had my garden landscaped (I never shared pictures of my garden in the state it was in when I moved here – would you like to see them?  Leave a comment and I will go digging for them).  I’m a lazy gardener so I stuck it in the ground and left it to grow.  This year though, something has happened that this rose has loved, and it is dripping with blooms, the scent sweeter than ever before.  I think this Autumn I will treat it a bit kinder, prune it properly and fertilise it, as a way of thanking it for giving me this glorious display!

As a treat to myself for having such an abundance of blooms, I used them for my ‘Welcome new month pic’.  And I’m so happy with it!  One day I’d love to sell postcards or prints of my floral Scrabble images.  Or even a little book.  A girl can dream, right?

We had a glorious weekend camping, the sun shone, the children played with their friends and I had such a giggle with the grown ups.  They are almost like family to us, and it’s the second year we have gone camping together in the dunes.  We saw seals lounging on the beach, beautiful sunsets and the children swam in the sea.  We made memories which we shall treasure.

On Monday I spent a back breaking 7 hours at the allotment!  The people who have plots around one are all so lovely, and a small portion of that time was spent chatting to them, taking their advice (they are all seasoned allotment owners), and envying their blooms.  One is going to keep some foxglove seeds for me, one gave me broad beans which have just sprouted, and another helped with some trimming and identifying weeds and seedlings.  It’s a whole new community!  I have dahlia plants in the ground, runner beans, kale and courgette and a pumpkin plant growing.  It’s all a huge learning curve, and I don’t think I’ll really know what I’m doing until at least next year!  But I’ll have another two beds built by the end of the summer ready for spring blooms next year.

The last two days have been amazing and so different, I’ve had to pinch myself a little that I’m to have such variety in my work.  On Tuesday I styled a homeware and soft furnishing stand at the Suffolk Show for a company I’ve been working with called Pignut, which dusted off my visual merchandising skills from many years ago.  Yesterday I was styling food, roast turkey to be precise, in a farmhouse kitchen with a huge AGA!

We are off to the beach shortly as the sun is shining, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x


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  • Julie

    Hello Tamsyn, As I was scrolling down through your photos to get to your words a thought occurred to me …………. I wish she would do a calendar with all her beautiful photos, especially the welcome new month ones !!! So Yes, I think you should look into this, or even some cards or postcards. Such a great idea!!!

  • Sally Shakespeare

    I can feel a book coming on Tamsyn! Your photos are stunning with such a pretty theme running through them all. I would love to see them all brought together, showing your house and garden renovations and your styling of the seasons. x

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