Welcome May!

Lilac flowers and Scrabble letters.

Hello everyone!

Gosh, hello May!  The fifth month already, in the strangest year the world has known for a long time.  I hope it brings health and peace for you all.  How are you doing?

This lilac is incredible.  I bought this tree from Aldi (a budget supermarket here in the UK!) 5/6 years ago, and it was basically a stick in a pot!  I plonked it in my supermarket trolley, planted it and forgot about it for a year or two (if I remember correctly, it didn’t flower for the first couple of years.)

Then it flowered and I realised that it had the most gorgeous flowers, each ‘bunch’ chock full of little flowers.  And it smells heavenly.  I couldn’t find a quote that I really loved for this month, so I just kept it simple, and let the lilac speak for itself.

I’m so grateful to have had some work this week.  Today I was shooting for one of my lovely clients, and I was sending her photos as I was shooting on WhatsApp, so she could art direct from afar.  And it worked pretty well!  I really hope I’m able to do more work remotely over the coming months, as it seems unlikely that things will just go back to the way they were before, at least for a while.

Have a lovely first day of May folks!

Tamsyn x


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  • Leslie-Anne

    Lilacs are my favourite flowers and the colour of yours is amazing. I also planted some sticks a few years ago and this year one is taller than me! My flowers are paler purple. Here in Canada they won’t be blooming for a few weeks yet.

  • Janet Squires

    Happy May Tamsyn. Thank you for sharing your stunning photography. Your posts always lift my spirits. Take care and stay safe. Lots of love XX

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