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Tamsyn Morgans home feature TRaumWohnen Magazine
  • Tamsyn Morgans vintage home
  • Tamsyn Morgans vintage pastel kitchen
  • Tamsyn Morgans
  • Tamsyn Morgans

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing?  I hope your January has been kind to you.

It lifted my heart this month to have our home featured in the current issue of TraumWohnen magazine!  It’s always such a delight to see it in print (remember what it looked like the day I moved in?), and this is a lovely magazine with lots of inspiring homes with vintage elements.

Things here in the UK aren’t so great at the moment, so I am focusing the fact that spring is coming.  Warmer, brighter days will inject a little more joy into life I think.  I need to get out into the garden soon to give it a good tidy.  I am not brilliant at planting spring blooms but I did manage to stick some tulip bulbs in the ground at new year (I hope I wasn’t too late!).  I will probably not be able to help myself and will no doubt look at dahlia tubers online!  I could do with a pale pink one this summer I think.

I gave the living room a bit of a repaint and change around back in November, I will take some photos to share with you, I’m so pleased with it.  I got the most incredible old French cupboard to store all my crockery in, and a beautiful overmantel mirror.  My daughter is studying in there at the moment (children in the UK are currently learning remotely), and it’s a nice, calm space for her.

I am so incredibly fortunate that a few of my lovely clients have come back to me with some photography work, so that will keep me busy over the next few weeks.

Take care folks, and stay safe.

Tamsyn x


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  • Leslie-Anne

    Your house is an inspiration and this spread is gorgeous. Thanks for helping us get through this crazy time.

  • Bryonna

    So lovely … glad so many people can enjoy it through viewing this post

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